What is Fortnite Save the World

Save the World is one of the game modes available in Fortnite (the other one is the Battle Royale mode that has made it so popular). It’s a cooperative survival game mode in which the players have to explore, search for resources, create weapons, build fortified structures to take shelter, place traps and ambushes, and fight against monsters. It’s a kind of Minecraft but full of zombies. If we decide to play Fortnite in this game mode, we’ll have to think up a strategy to manage our operations base (with all the maintenance operations that it involves) and also to complete all sorts of missions (finding resources or wiping out enemies, for instance).

This game mode offers us several kinds of characters, such as heroes, defenders or supporting characters:

  • Heroes: they are divided into four classes and can be used by the players to carry out different missions.
  • Defenders: they can be invoked to help in defensive tasks but only when there are less than four players on a mission.
  • Supporting characters: they can be used to build non-playable squads that provide bonuses towards the player’s attributes such as attacking force, construction speed, armor, and health. They also increase the efficiency of traps and weapons.

In turn, this save the world mode is also divided into four worldwide locations, some of which are only available after advancing sufficiently in the story. It also offers us special locations for time-trial events or the Survive the Storm mode, in which the player has to survive hordes of zombies.