What is the Fortnite rocket all about?

The Fortnite rocket is a special event that took place on June 30th, 2018. After a countdown that had been showing to the players of this successful battle royale shooter for quite some time, a rocket was launched into the sky live in front of many of the game’s users, becoming a historical event as it was the first time this kind of episode takes place live and witnessed by the players of a video game. This rocket raised into the sky to fall back down to Earth and crash into the area of Tilted Towers, modifying the settings on which the action of Fortnite takes place.

It’s definitely not the first time that the guys at Epic Games muck around with this kind of Easter Egg as they did something similar with a meteorite that was shown in the sky for several days until it crashed into the amp leaving traces of destruction. However, that event didn’t take place live as is the case of the rocket launch and nobody saw how it crashed.

Nevertheless, the launch of the Fortnite rocket was surrounded by plenty of controversy because a griefer (a kind of online video game user with a violent and annoying behavior that simply wants to get on everyone’s nerves) took advantage of the situation to break the record of players killed by a single user: whilst everyone was looking up into the sky, Elemental_Rey, as he’s called, carried out a carnage. There are plenty of discussions about the legitimacy of such landmark.