What is the meteorite in Fortnite

The Fortnite meteorite is an Easter Egg that was introduced in one of the latest updates. At the beginning it was only seen as a dot in the sky that could hardly be noticed, but in each new version of the game it got bigger and bigger, causing plenty of rumors and theories about its presence, until if finally fell in Dusty Divot, turning the area into a huge crater, which we can access to observer the damage and destruction caused. There we can find remains of the meteorite spread around the scenario, called Hop Rocks that provide us with the power to jump higher than usual, as if there were no gravity, if we touch them.

Quite a few curious users with plenty of technical knowledge have investigated to the game’s source code until they found the comet to which that bright dot belonged to. However, nobody really knows if this meteorite is going to play an important role in the game’s action or if it’s simply a gesture towards the astronauts that have just been introduced into the game. We’d have thought that it’s more than just a gesture but for the time being, we can only talk about rumors and the theories that said that that meteorite would impact the Fortnite world at some point, creating a new post-apocalyptic scenario. Some people also though that it would hit Tilted Towers since some users translated certain sound vibrations into Morse code that was understood as an SOS message and the coordinates of the map precisely where these constructions are located.