Where are the dancefloors in Fortnite

Locating the dancefloors was one of the challenges introduced in week 8 of Battle Pass which was all about finding three of them and also dancing on them. They are quite far apart from each other on the map and can’t be seen unless we’re really close to them, therefore, it’s quite usual not to complete the challenge in a single game session. This is the location of each one of the floors on which you’ll obviously have to dance to complete the quest.

  • Flush Factory: it’s located on the eastern limit of the map, in the smallest building of them all.
  • Haunted House of Pleasant Park: in this park located on the south west of the map there’s a haunted house. Inside, you’ll find another dancefloor.
  • RV Park of Retail Row: just to the north east of Retail Row is where you’ll find a third dancefloor to show off your skills.

Fortnite challenges are additional quests introduced by the game that are totally optional and that you can decide to complete whilst you’re playing the battle royale mode. The latter can vary from one day to another, and also from week to week, and are usually about fulfilling certain goals such as killing a given number of enemies or discovering places hidden around the settings (as is the case of these dancefloors). They are classified as daily or weekly challenges and completing them involves a series of rewards. Depending on your location and time zone, each challenge starts at a different time. Daily challenges usually restart at midnight, whilst weekly ones usually begin at 9 a.m. every seven days.