How to play Fortnite on PC

We have to bear in mind that Fortnite is an action-packed battle royale game. Therefore, that means that our goal is to resist for as long as possible trying to be the last player standing. To be able to play, we have to take into account the following concepts:

  • We can play single-handedly or in collaborative mode.
  • We have to explore the territory which is generated randomly in each game, and search for resources to help us to survive, such as weapons or tools and materials that can be used to build or make objects.
  • We have to build structures to protect ourselves against our enemies.
  • We have to fight against waves of rivals and monsters.

The game starts when our character is parachuted onto an island and from the very first moment we touch the ground we’ll be threatened by all our rivals. It’s controlled identically to other third-person action games, although when we use certain weapons the point of view can change to a first-person shooter perspective.

To manage to survive during the game, we’ll need to design and plan a strategy. It’s important to follow advice such as the following:

  • We have to create a safe zone on the scenario which we’ll have to choose as soon as we start. The highest points are the best.
  • We shouldn’t remain too long in open field because it’s easier to be discovered.
  • We should destroy enemy bases with weapons such as grenades or rocket launchers as they cause more damage to this kind of structure.
  • We have to make the most of the shield potions when going out into the open, although the latter only last for a short period of time.
  • We should revive our teammates by building walls around them to keep them protected.

As we can see, there aren't too many differences regarding the version for mobile devices or video consoles of the likes of Xbox or PlayStation in terms of gameplay. The greatest differences can be found in the control system, as the PC edition supports both keyboard and gamepad.