Fotografix is one of the best free applications to view and edit your photos. Download Fotografix for free and discover a light alternative to Photoshop

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Installing Photoshop, the incredible photo editing tool, has become a real nightmare in the last few years. And after waiting for more than a couple of minutes we find that it has occupied various GB of space on our hard drive. Lucky enough, we have alternatives to edit images, like Fotografix.

  The truth is that the majority of this space is occupied by lots of the options offered by Photoshop that the majority of users never even get round to using. So, is it really necessary to use this application? Wouldn't it be better to use an application that only has the options that we are going to use?

  If you really find that Photoshop it too much for you, you will be surprised when you use Fotografix. You will be amazed to find that such a lightweight application (it only weighs 350 Kb) can offer so much power. Some of the options that it includes are: adjustment of the color balance, contrast/brightness, change to sepia or black & white, adjust the size or rotate, use of layers and modification of its properties, as well as opacity, basic effects,...

  Furthermore, Fotografix is portable, all you have to do is decompress the file and launch the application. Even though it has its own file format, called .FGX, it is also compatible with the majority of image format, including .RAW and .PSD. Moreover, it is really easy to use and it offers all these options free of charge.
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