Find out what time it is anywhere around the World thanks to FoxClocks. Discover the right time for transactions in other countries by downloading FoxClocks

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Many webs that we browse are located in countries in different time zones to ours, therefore, it's always useful to know the exact time of each place to keep up with the latest updates. With FoxClocks we have a Firefox add-on that shows us the time in any country.

Find out the exact time in other places

The fact is that FoxClocks can be useful not only to know the time zone of a certain website, but also to find out which is the right moment to get in touch with people in other countries or to make business transactions. FoxClocks can save you from making a call at an inconvenient time or waiting for an email that could logically take more hours than you thought.

The time anywhere in the World on Firefox.


  • Possibility to add as many clocks as you want to the browser's lower bar.
  • Choose cities with their precise location in their time zone by means of Google Earth.
  • Configure the colours of the clocks to indicate the opening hours in other places or to know at what time people rest.
  • Different types of views.

Download the FoxClocks plug-in for Firefox and tally your schedule with the rest of the World without problems.

Requirements and additional information:
  • Requires Firefox.
Antony Peel
Antony Peel
Mozilla Foundation
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