Free 3GP Video Converter

Free 3GP Video Converter lets you watch your favorite videos on your phone. Convert your videos to see them on your mobile with Free 3GP Video Converter

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Mobile phones have evolved from being machines to interact via SMS and phone calls to become real multiple-use devices that we can use to receive our email, browse the Internet or enjoy our favorite music or films.

Your videos, now compatible with your phone

To be able to enjoy the best videos on our mobile we'll have to convert the video files to a compatible format, like for example 3GP (that is the general standard when it comes to most mobile phones), and to do this we can use Free 3GP Video Converter, a complete application thanks to which we will be able to convert our video files from AVI or MP4 format to 3GP and vice-versa.

The program allows us to select the quality of the video, so that it adapts perfectly to our terminal, as well as including a rudimentary, but effective editor, thanks to which we'll be able to crop the files.

So if you have a decent video collection that you don't have time to enjoy at home and that you want to view wherever you go, or during a trip, you can use Free 3GP Video Converter and enjoy your favorite videos on your mobile phone.

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