Free Audio CD Burner

Burn your audio CDs with MP3, WMA and WAV files with Free Audio CD Burner. Download Free Audio CD Burner free, a complete CD burning software application

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Now that almost everyone has there albums in MP3 format, it's getting more and more common to have to burn a CD, because there are still a few players that can't read MP3, specially the audio player in older cars.

  Free Audio CD Burner is a small program that will help us burn audio CDs, so we can listen to them using our stereo, CD player or car audio player.

  Burning audio CDs with Free Audio CD Burner is really easy because all we have to do is indicate where the MP3, WMA or WAV files are, check that we don't exceed the disc's capacity and hit the record button. This lightweight software will automatically detect the correct recording deck (or will let us choose if we have more than one) and will start burning the CD.

  You will not even have to worry about configuring the speed, type of disc, etc., everything is simplified as much as possible, so anyone with a computer will be able to have an audio-CD of their MP3 files.
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