Free Disk Analyzer

Study the use of the space on your hard drive once you download Free Disk Analyzer free. You will find out what files or folders are occupying the space

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As time goes by, we may realize that the free space of our hard drive diminishes, but we aren't capable of discovering how we have occupied all this space, because it can be related with the actions that we have performed on our computer, from downloading files from the network to ripping DVDs and CDs on our hard drive.

  Free Disk Analyzer is a tool with which we can analyze the contents of our hard drive, allowing us to order the results by size, so it is a lot easier for us to find out which files are a lot bigger than the rest or the folders that occupy more space.

  Another great feature of this application is that it allows us to view graphically how the used space of the hard drives installed on our computer is distributed, so we can see what files may be the ones that are causing most problems in a quick glance.

  The interface of the application is practically the same as that of Windows Vista, so the program integrates perfectly with our computer, giving the sensation that it's another operating system tool.

  Download Free Disk Analyzer and discover what files and folders are the ones that are using the most space.
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