Free Fun Morphing

2.1 Free Fun Morphing is capable of applying morphing effects between two photos. Mix two images and export them in GIF format for free with Free Fun Morphing
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Digital photography offers possibilities that were unimaginable a few years back. The power of modern computers makes it easy to edit photos and provide innovating tools to work with them.

The morphing effect offers you the possibility to mix two photos making one transform into the other. Now you can apply it to all your image collection to create evocative graphic effects thanks to Free Fun Morphing.

Apply morphing effects to your photos

Simply load the photo that will play the role of the source file and the target file and press “create sequence”. Free Fun Morphing will take care of creating the corresponding sequence, that you can store on your hard drive in GIF format. You can define the intermediate frames to your own liking.

So now when it comes to creating morphing effects you can resort to Free Fun Morphing, that you can download for free. Apply its effects to your entire collection to manage to create stunning photo effects.

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