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Free MP3 Sound Recorder is a tool to record the audio input through the microphone, the inbound line and other sources. Download Free MP3 Sound Recorder

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If you need a simple and free application to record from any sound source (microphone, line-in, multimedia application, Internet stream,... ), you can download Free MP3 Sound Recorder.

  To use this application accesses the "File" menu, select "New" and follow the steps indicated by the assistant. It basically, consists in selecting the source from which we will capture the sound, specifying the format that adapts most to our need and indicate the name of the file and the location where we want to store the recording. Once it has started, you will be able to pause it or stop it whenever you want.

  If you want, before starting the recording you can indicate from the "Record Filters" menu that certain filters are applied to the audio, among the filters that are available we will find a low-pass filter that will eliminate the frequencies that are above a value set by us (4,000 Hz by default) and a high-pass filter that will accomplish the opposite effect.

  The output formats that Free MP3 Sound Recorder offers are the following: PCM, MP3, OGG, VOX, RAW, GSM, G723, G726, ADPCM, DSP, a-LAW and u-LAW. Furthermore, in some of these formats it is possible to specify the number of channels (mono or stereo), the sample frequency or the bitrate.

  Free MP3 Sound Recorder includes a shortcut to listen to recordings with Windows Media player.
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