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Free Tube Finder is a video search engine that has been optimized to work with YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Metacafe... Download Free Tube free on your PC

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Vimeo and YouTube are websites that have more visitors each day and due to this, also more content. As a result of the latter, as time goes by it's more and more difficult to find a specific video over any of these services.

  Applications like Free Tube Finder will allow us to make our searches quicker and help find our favorite video clips as fast as possible. This simple tool works as a desktop client that will find videos over DailyMotion, YouTube, MetaCafe and Google Video websites.

  Once we have found the ones we want, we can preview them to make sure that it is the proper clip. Above this, the program has a useful tool that will allow us to download the videos in FLV format, to be able to enjoy them whenever we don't have an Internet connection.

  If you have the need to search for any video hosted on any of the different websites and you don't want to have to visit page after page to be able to download it or view it, get hold of Free Tube Finder as soon as possible.
Requirements and additional information:
It only works properly on Windows XP.
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