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Free USB Guard is designed to notify the user if a USB is still connected when the computer is turned off. Download Free USB Guard to remember your pendrive

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It isn't unusual to leave a USB device connected to a computer after you finish using it, or to forget to remove an optical disc from the drive, so having Free USB Guard at hand is always a good idea.

An alert to remember your devices

How Free USB Guard works is relatively simple, because all that will be necessary is to install the program for it to notify the user if there is a USB pendrive connected to the computer when it is going to be turned off or when a session is closed.

As well as working with USB pendrives, Free USB Guard can also be configured to detect if there is an optical disc inside the drive or if the external hard drives have been disconnected.

Optionally, the user will be able to define which devices activate the alert and which don't, in such a way that the discs and devices that are normally connected won't activate any kind of notification.

Once you download Free USB Guard you'll never forget your USB connected to the computer again.

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