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Freebook Sifter is a directory of free e-books on Amazon. Discover the best free books for Kindle and other electronic readers by visiting Freebook Sifter

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Freebook Sifter is a website where all the free e-books on Amazon for Kindle and other e-readers are gathered. Download the best literary works from this popular store and enjoy some good reading.

Around 35000 free ebooks.

This whole digital library is organized into categories. You can filter the content by language and suscribe to the RSS channel to be the first to know the latest added titles. In Freebook Sifter, content is updated daily, adding new books and removing old ones.

Every book entry links directly to Amazon, so you will have all the important details on hand: title, author, number of pages, ISBN, digital file details, and even user and reader reviews.

Enjoy free reading

Enter Freebook Sifter and discover which free books are available for download from the Amazon website. If you want to find new books it's as easy as using Freebook Sifter.

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