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Fresh Download is a download manager that will manage your connection each time that you download contents from Internet. Download Fresh Download free

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Having a download manager installed on our computer may help us to download big files to our computer, because in normal circumstances the file transfer may fail, or it an also come in handy to download many files from the same website, without saturating our connection.

  Fresh Download is a light download manager, that is totally free, that has a very simple interface, that allows us to easily manage any file transfer process, because all its main controls are at the top of the main window of the program and it won't be necessary to move through menus.

  The program will easily integrate into any browser, it has support for the FTP, HTTP and HTTPS protocols, and offers support for antivirus, with the objective of always being protected.

  The application will allow us to configure the maximum file transfer speed, the destination folder for the files that we download and it is even possible to program the tool for it to start downloading whatever we have in the queue, when we aren't using the computer.

  If you still don't have a download manager that will allow you to easily manage the download of files from any website, try Fresh Download, a light, simple and free application.
Scott McLure
Scott McLure
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