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Become a ruthless bounty hunter playing Frontier Justice, a strategy and resource management game set in the Wild West. Fun and entertainment guaranteed!

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In 1870 the Civil War has ended... but a different war has just begun. That's the Wild West. Money, women, whiskey. Kill or be killed. In this ruthless world, a bounty hunter will be forced to impose order and justice by taking command of a lawless city.

A vigilante bounty hunter in the Wild West

Frontier Justice is a strategy and resource management game set in the Wild West. Put yourself in the shoes of a bounty hunter who will stay in town and take charge, helping its inhabitants after imposing justice with his or her gun.

A simulation and strategy game set in the world of the Old West.

Your mission is to make the town prosper by constructing different buildings, improving them, obtaining resources, and managing them wisely. You will also have to kick the ass of some criminals. The game system may not be very original, but it is intuitive for usual players of this genre, despite the many options available.

You will start with a wide range of simple goals, such as improving the town hall, training gunmen, or putting an end to the bandits that threaten the peace in our town. From there, you can start customizing it as you wish, constructing buildings, and decorative elements.

In terms of graphics, this game is a wonder, especially when it comes to character design. And it also has an exciting story that will keep players hooked and take you back again and again to this town that so desperately needs your help.

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Susana Arjona
Susana Arjona
6 months ago
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