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Fugu is a secure and very easy-to-use FTP client. Download Fugu to your computer for free and carry out file transfers securely by using SSH encryption

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For a long time, the Telnet protocol has been used to establish a remote access to a computer or a server. Even though it is still used by some companies, it is an insecure method, among other reasons, because both the user name as well as the password are sent as non-encrypted plain text.

  To establish secure connections it is necessary to use the SSH (Secure Shell) and SFTP (Secure File Transfer Protocol) protocols, in such a way that our communications are encrypted. This is specially useful when we want to transfer files between a computer and an Internet server. Due to this fact, it is convenient to use SFTP clients like Fugu.

  Fugu provides an intuitive graphical interface to perform the file transfers securely (SFTP) using the SSH encryption.

  The main features of Fugu are:
- SFTP client for the secure transfer of files.
- Easy and quick to use, thanks to the Drag&Drop method.
- Possibility to create secure tunnels over SSH.
- Support for SCP (Secure Copy) to perform the file copying.
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