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Fuse Ballz is a casual game for Android in which you have to merge balls of the same color to make them bigger and increase your score when you burst them

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The idea behind casual games is to keep us entertained without too many pretensions. We're usually talking about games with a simple, repetitive, and addictive gameplay, with a difficulty that increases very gradually. It's all about the gamer's self-superation so forget about playing online against other users, sharing your scores on Facebook (they might have a collective leaderboard) and things like that. Let's say that they obey the most basic principle of any video game: to play and have fun.

Fuse colored balls and burst them to get the highest score

And that's where Fuse Ballz comes in, a game in which we'll find a board full of balls that we have to fuse, as indicated by the game's name. The issue is that we can only do so with those of the same color, making them to such an extent that they end up bursting.

But, what makes it difficult? Well, it isn't as easy as it seems to direct the balls. Mainly because there are balls of other colors in the way of our throws... and we've only got a limited number of shots.

Get ready for hours of entertainment on end.

And the only way not to run out of those balls is making the larger ones explode because that's how we'll manage to earn some extra shots. Think you can beat your high score? It isn't as simple as it seems.

Now that you know, if you're eager to try out a new casual game without any other intention than having fun, get hold of this APK right now. You won't regret it.

Requirements and additional information:
  • Minimum operating system requirements: Android 4.1.
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