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G Data InternetSecurity avoids your computer being infected with malware. By downloading G Data InternetSecurity you'll be protected against any threat

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G Data InternetSecurity includes all the protection options that a user needs to use his/her PC connected to the Internet, in a totally secure manner.

One of the best security solutions.

The technology implemented by G Data InternetSecurity is known as G Data CloseGap. It's an active hybrid protection that combines proactive detection and signature-based detection to efficiently block malware without reducing the system's performance, as happens with other security solutions that make use of two scanning engines.

Main functions included in the security suite

  • Antivirus. Protects us against all sorts of threats, even viruses yet to be known.
  • Firewall. Runs in the background, without interrupting the PC's processes.
  • AntiSpam. Blocks potentially unwanted emails.
  • AntiPhishing. Avoids your personal data being stolen by cybercriminals.
  • BankGuard. This technology allows us to access our online bank and shop on the Internet, in a totally secure manner. In fact, it achieves an efficient protection against more than 99% of banking trojans.
  • AutoStartManager. It's a boot manager that speeds up the software's booting process.
  • Parental Controls. Useful to protect our kids against contents that aren't suitable for them.

Download G Data InternetSecurity and guarantee your PC's security under any circumstances.

Requirements and additional information:
  • This is a 30-day trial version.
  • Requires an Internet connection to carry out the installation and receive updates.
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