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G2A PAY is a secure online payment platform that accepts over 200 different methods. It can be used by customers as well as owners of an eCommerce

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Payments over the Internet are becoming more and more popular, and there's a growing offer in terms of the online payment methods that we can use when it comes to paying a purchase or service acquired from our PC or smartphone. One of these services goes by the name of G2A PAY, a platform that accepts over 200 different payment methods, available in more than 170 countries, and conceived to become the way to buy on any online business.

PayPal, Skrill, VISA, Maestro, Bitcoin... G2A accepts dozens of payment methods.

How does G2A PAY work?

How G2A works to process transactions isn't any different from the usual procedure for any online payment:

  1. Step 1: a customer places an order at a store.
  2. Step 2: the payment request is sent from the store to the platform, notifying the payment method chosen by the user.
  3. Step 3: the money is put into the service account, the so-called G2A Wallet.
  4. Step 4: the customer is notified by means of IPN (instant payment notification) about the status of the transaction.

It's fully bidirectional. In other words, it can be used as the client for any eCommerce or it can also be established as a payment system if you've got your own online business. In fact, it comes along with 15 different plug-ins for businesses that can be installed on the web, although they are mainly focused on gaming and hardware retailers.

Furthermore, it's G2A Wallet can also come in handy to keep your money as if it were your own electronic wallet, allowing you to pay on the G2A platform without any transaction fees. You can easily check your balance from any iPhone or Android device.

More than 12 million users all over the world use this service that supports over 80 different currencies which obviously include the most common ones such as dollars, euros and sterling pounds.

Always present in the video gaming market

G2A, the owner of this service, is very popular among gamers since it's a platform that connects customers with video game dealers, comparing prices and providing them with the best offers, including the largest and most important stores of the likes of Steam and Origin.

Its discount codes and promotions can be used on different platforms such as PC or PS4 and have helped gamers to find the best prices for their copies of Overwatch or Battlefield 1, to name just a few examples.

Requirements and additional information:

  • Requires a user registry.

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