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If you are a developer, try downloading Gambas free for Linux, an integrated development environment for BASIC that also includes other interesting tools

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Gambas is a development environment focused on working with BASIC-based Gambas, a programming language very similar to Visual Basic, without being a full clone of the latter. It is an object-oriented language with an architecture inspired on Java.

What does Gambas include?

Gambas includes several tools that are very useful for all developers:

  • Compiler
  • Interpreter
  • File archiver
  • Script interpreter
  • Development environment (IDE)
  • Components to extend functionalities

Features of BASIC-based Gambas

BASIC-based Gambas is a language with about 250 keywords and native functions to carry out a wide range of tasks. To control errors, call external functions by means of dynamic links... As it is an object-oriented languages you will able to work comfortably with objects and classes, properties, methods, constants and other elements.

As it's an extensible language, you can use its components to work with databases such as MySQL or PostgreSQL, to program graphical interfaces, for SDL, OpenGL programming...

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