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Game of Sultans for Android takes you back to the age of the Ottoman Empire so that you can become a powerful sultan doing politics and leading armies

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The Ottoman Empire had a huge presence in Eastern Europe until the 20th century leaving a deep impact on the Balkans and leading to the birth of modern Turkey. It was one of the greatest powers of the modern era and was constantly fighting with Napoleon's France, the Austrian-Hungarian Empire or the British Empire.

It was a powerful empire that was feared in many places and now you can become one of its leaders, a sultan. Game of Sultans is a role-playing strategy game that offers us this possibility. It's all about acting as the maximum political authority of this empire to feel as if you're a real ruler.

The Ottoman Empire under your control

You'll be able to battle it out with your rivals but without neglecting the simplest palace issues, such as making sure you leave descendants. These are the main features of this game that Erdogan has definitely downloaded to his phone:

  • Become a sultan and build a powerful empire.
  • Create your own harem and fall in love with renowned queens.
  • Recruit generals to go to war and follow the advice of your vizier council.
  • Build a family and bring up kids until they turn adults.
  • Fight against other players in the online PvP mode.
  • Build alliances with other users.
  • Listen to the predictions of the fortune-teller in each cup of Turkish coffee.

Requirements and additional information:
  • Minimum operating system requirements: Android 4.0.3.
  • Offers in-app purchases.
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