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Samsung Game Tuner adapts the graphical demands of games and other applications to improve our Android phone's performance and reduce our resource usage

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Overheating is one of the problems that can affect our mobile device the most, making it unstable and reducing its useful life on the long-run if its components continuously reach unbearable temperatures. Playing on our phone can be one of the causes due to the fact that some video games are very demanding for our Android (just think about a modern shooter or racing game), not to mention the battery consumption that can go rocket high and shut down our phone in the middle of a game if we haven't got a charger at hand.

Adapt your video games to your smartphone's performance

Samsung has designed an application to optimize our gaming experience on the devices of the Korean brand. We're talking about Game Tuner, an app with which we can configure different parameters individually for each video game and control our device's energy consumption and heat generation.

Adjusting the game's graphical requirements will help to improve our phone's performance.

The following are the application's main features:

  • We can modify the graphical quality of our games: we can change different parameters such as the resolution, FPS, texture quality or brightness. By reducing the graphical demands, we'll also reduce the hardware requirements.
  • The settings can be customized for each game installed on our smartphone or tablet.
  • Quick access by means of a widget that brings together all our games. There's also a widget to change the game mode in a really easy manner.
  • In turn, we can modify the resolution of apps that aren't games such as social networks of the likes of Facebook or browser such as Google Chrome. However, some apps aren't compatible with this function.
  • Preset configurations: the app offers us different profiles to adjust the performance of our device.
  • Organize the apps on your phone by categories and bookmark the games that it doesn't support.

As we mentioned above, this application has been developed by Samsung for its own mobile devices. Therefore, if you're not the lucky owner of a Galaxy S9 or any other model made by the Korean maker, you won't be able to make the most of its features... unless you resort to some of the tips and tricks available to install Game Tuner on any Android device.

Download its APK right now and enjoy an improved gaming experience, adjusting your games' demands to the requirements and features of your device: your phone will perform better and your games will run much smoother.

Requirements and additional information:
  • Only compatible with Samsung devices.
  • Minimum operating system requirements: Android 6.0.
  • Offers in-app purchases.
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