GameGuardian is a tool that lets you modify certain values within a video game. This tool, available for Android, has an unkempt interface and can be a bit chaotic. However, it is very effective and fulfills its main purpose. Below, we tell you all about how it works. Before starting, remember that to get the most out of it, it is recommended that you grant superuser permissions. Once this is done, open the application and tap on Start to begin.

Start GameGuardianStart GameGuardian

Now, GameGuardian will be reduced to a floating icon that you can freely move around the screen.

GameGuardian’s floating iconGameGuardian’s floating icon

If you tap on it, you will access the GameGuardian options area. From here, you must select the game you want to modify. Do it by tapping on the upper left icon. Remember to keep the game open in the background.

Choose the process to modifyChoose the process to modify

The application is divided into four main sections. In the first one, we can end the game, exit GameGuardian, or access specific settings for each game.

GameGuardian’s general and specific settingsGameGuardian’s general and specific settings

In the following one, the searches for values to be modified are carried out.

Search for valuesSearch for values

In this section, you will find access to some of the main functions of this tool. For example, you can advance a temporary counter so that an action is performed earlier.

Advance the timer in a gameAdvance the timer in a game

Of course, from here, you can also search for values that can be modified later. You must investigate for yourself which values need to be modified. You can do this on the official GameGuardian forum and other specialized websites. This will help you save time.

Search for value to modifySearch for value to modify

The third tab shows the tricks we have saved. This is especially practical if we use a trick regularly.

List of saved cheatsList of saved cheats

You also have the option to view all the fields available for editing.

List of values available to modifyList of values available to modify

Finally, use the cross to make the list of GameGuardian options disappear. Do not forget that it will continue to run in the background and you can access the application again by tapping on the pop-up icon.

Exit GameGuardianExit GameGuardian

Obviously, GameGuardian has a lot of advanced options. However, the most recommendable thing is to consult the process of each trick through the Internet and follow the specified steps. Remember that each modification is applied at different values and is different for each video game.