GameJackal avoids that the original discs of your games are damaged due to use. Download GameJackal to avoid the deterioration of your original CDs and DVDs

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Manufacturers state that the estimated life of an optical disc (CD or DVD) is 100 years. But there are various factors like direct sunlight on the surface, the dust mites, the scratches and its successive use in an optical disc reader can accelerate the aging process, thus making it last a lot less time.

   When it comes to hardcore players, that usually use the original CDs and DVDs to enjoy their favorite games, it is crucial to have a solution to avoid the deterioration of these discs. That is why it is highly advisable to install an application like GameJackal, that avoids having to insert the original discs to be able to play.

   To do so, GameJackal creates profiles from which it's possible to play without a CD, with which not only does it protect the original disc, it also reduces the time it takes to load the game and makes it faster for the game to run. Furthermore, this utility includes the Guardian Control function that allows the user to protect the smaller children of the house against inappropriate contents.
Requirements and additional information:
The application can be tried out for 21 days.
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