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February 24, 2011
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There are millions of online gamers all over the world, and there are platforms that make it easier for players to meet and interact, thus making the most of the experience offered by multiplayer games.

  GameSpy Arcade is one of these platforms, and from it you will be able to obtain games and demos to have a good time as well as being able to access other functions, like chatting with other players, an instant messenger or the possibility to transfer files. You'll be able to meet up with your friends on the platform and enjoy any of the many games that can be accessed from GameSpy Arcade, or search for opponents that have the same game as you and challenge them.

  Look for information about new games thanks to the integration of GameSpy Arcade with the GameSpy website, that will keep you perfectly informed about the latest games.

  With DemoSpy you will find playable demos offered on FilePlanet, and that are compatible with this platform. A simple click will allow you to enjoy them. With SmartSpy you will be able to filter the server's used by many online game to reduce the waiting time and to play more, which is the most important thing. Furthermore, the PlayerSpy tool will allow you to share files with your friends on the platform.

  This all-in-one application will allow you to enjoy the best multiplayer games and use the chat rooms to stay in contact with your friends and rivals. It is also possible to use microphones, so that you can speak with people. And it has more than 400 games available, including some very famous classics like Medal of Honor or Half Life.

  Downloading GameSpy Arcade for free will guarantee your entertainment. Create a GameSpy account and enjoy this essential offer for hardcore gamers.

Requirements and additional information:

It's necessary to register to access the service. An Internet connection is required to be able to use the application.
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