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Gaming Mode is an application that allows you to select and configure an array of settings on a given Android to improve your performance in video games

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If you are fond of playing on your Android device, you are sure to be interested in optimizing performance in all possible aspects of the device to improve your gaming performance and experience. Gaming Mode is, as its name implies, an app that is capable of setting a game mode that you configure so that, once the video game in question is executed, a specific configuration is automatically activated.

With this application, you can set and configure a series of settings that are activated automatically when launching your video games. You can block different system processes that take up valuable resources or that simply interrupt or degrade your gaming experience, such as notifications.

Main features

It has a simple setup, and these are some of its most prominent features:

  • Blocking any incoming calls.
  • All notification blocking.
  • Close any background applications to free up RAM.
  • Disabling automatic screen brightness.
  • Change the status of the Wi-Fi connection.
  • Volume modification.
  • White lists of applications you set so that they are not blocked.
  • Automatic mode to detect the execution of the game: it is activated when launching the game and deactivated when you close it.

If you love playing on your mobile device, download Gaming Mode and enjoy!

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