Increase your computer's speed to be able to enjoy your games

August 25, 2011
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Using a computer to play often requires specialized hardware or measures that manage to make the most of the computer's power. GBoost is capable of increasing the speed of your computer, optimizing how the games work thanks to a quicker response capacity.

GBoost eliminates processes and tasks that are unnecessary while you play, helping the capacity of the computer to focus on the CPU, RAM memory and Internet connection. You'll only have to press the button to launch the action and you will see how it starts to close unnecessary applications, increasing the memory available for you to enjoy yourself playing. By using this tool it is possible to avoid faltering graphics or random freezes.

Optimize your PC to play video games

This change can automatically be undone by using the “press to restore” option, available from the program's interface. In any case, they are momentary changes that don't affect the computer's integrity or that of the operating system.

Within the advanced mode, also included, it's possible to manually select the programs or tasks that are going to be closed. Four different indicators will inform you about the use of the processor, of the memory, the number of processes that are currently running and the open services. A speed dial will indicate free resources.

If you're a hardcore player, but your computer needs some extra help when dealing with some games, try out GBoost for free, a tool that provides instant solutions to that problem.

Héctor Hernández

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