GBWhatsApp Tricks: the best tips and help to use this MOD

GBWhatsApp is a WhatsApp MOD that belongs to the trilogy of modified clients of this instant messaging and chat app developed by the Official Plus team, together with its brother apps WhatsApp Plus and OGWhatsApp. All three tools are identical and simply change their name to allow us to install them all at once on the same Android smartphone and, therefore, be able to use up to three WhatsApp Plus instances at the same time on our phone, without having to uninstall anything.

The huge popularity of WhatsApp MODs is mainly due to the sluggishness and stiffness of Facebook Inc. when it comes to implementing the updates and new features demanded by the users of this messaging service. For such purpose, many developers have created their own versions of this client, incorporating new functions and features and putting emphasis on aspects as important as the user’s privacy and the app’s customization options.

And this GBWhatsApp is precisely amongst the best alternatives available, together with the above-mentioned apps from the same developer, and other MODs of the likes of YOWhatsApp and FMWhatsApp. Amongst its most noteworthy features, we have to mention the possibility to use two WhatsApp accounts on the same phone, hide our online status and the double blue check to confirm that we’ve read a message, use new emojis and emoticons that aren’t available in the official version, customize the application’s interface with new fonts, icons, and menus, skip limits and restrictions when it comes to sending multimedia files and documents through the chat, and many more options that unbelievably aren’t yet available in WhatsApp Messenger.

But downloading, installing and using it isn’t too straightforward, as we can’t find its APK through the usual channels such as Google Play or the official WhatsApp site as the development of these MODs goes against the company’s intellectual property rights by using its source code without authorization. For such reason, we have to resort to other sources or other repositories as is the case of Malavida and, therefore, we deem appropriate to draw up this small guide that will escort the users through all the procedures to have this app fully operative on their phones.

Likewise, here you’ll also find advice and tips about how to use GBWhatsApp without losing any past conversations and all the help necessary to settle any kind of doubt regarding its functioning, security and legality. You’ll learn how to improve your privacy whilst you chat, setting passwords for your conversation, and how to give this communication tool your very own personal touch.

And we also have to point all that our editors that expertise in software and application will give you their opinion and personal views about the performance of this MOD, analyzing its pros and cons, that obviously also exist, such as the fact that it doesn’t receive updates as regularly as the official app. And they will also take care of settling any doubt or problem that may arise during its use and answering the comments you send us about the app.

How to use two WhatsApp accounts with GBWhatsApp

Using two WhatsApp accounts on the same smartphone is really simple and one of the ways to do so is with GBWhatsApp. You’ll need to have WhatsApp installed and configured (or any other MOD compatible with using two accounts), and then install and configure GBWhatsApp with another operative phone number.


How to install GBWhatsApp

To be able to install GBWhatsApp on your phone, the first thing we recommend you to do is make a backup of your conversations on your current messaging client if you want to keep them. You can do so from the application, from the Settings > Chats > Backups menu. You can store the backup on your phone or on Google Drive but if you’re going to use GBWhatsApp or any other MOD, you can only restore local backups. Google Drive doesn’t work with WhatsApp MODs.


How to use GBWhatsApp and how it works

Using GBWhatsApp is identical to WhatsApp. The first thing we have to do once we’ve downloaded and installed the APK is open the application and register a phone number. We’ll receive a verification code and be able to activate the client. The interface is divided into 3 tabs:


How to update GBWhatsApp

Before updating, you should create a backup of your messages. For such purpose, press the icon with the 3 horizontal lines you can see in the top right corner of the Chats tab, select Settings, and then access Chats. There you’ll find the Chat Backup option. Just press it to generate a backup of your conversations so you don’t lose them if there were any problems in the future.


How to uninstall GBWhatsApp

Uninstalling GBWhatsApp is carried out identically to the rest of Android applications. The fastest way has to do with searching for the icon amongst your installed apps, keeping it pressed for a few seconds until a tiny options menu appears and then press App Info.


How to create and restore a backup in GBWhatsApp

Making backups in GBWhatsApp and restoring them later isn’t at all complicated although you’ll need to make use of a few tools. Despite being a WhatsApp MOD that works almost identically to the original client, WhatsApp’s restrictions towards these MODs don’t allow this function to work 100%.


How to switch from GBWhatsApp to WhatsApp

If you’ve tried out GBWhatsApp but you’re not very impressed and you want to go back to the original version of WhatsApp with all your chats and their information, it’s quite easy. To start off, make a backup of your chats in GBWhatsApp. For such purpose, go to the Chats tab, press the icon with the three horizontal lines in the top right corner, and access Settings.


How to add contacts in GBWhatsApp

Open the app and go to the Chats tab. Press the + icon in the bottom right corner and then on the upper right hand side of the interface on the icon that looks like a rectangular speech bubble just as if you were going to start a chat.


What is GBWhatsApp and what's it for?

GBWhatsApp is a WhatsApp MOD, an Android app that can be used to communicate with your contacts but adding new functions that can’t be found in the official app. It’s a modification of the original app that has been developed by a third party without the authorization of the legitimate owners. It isn’t available on Google Play and can only be downloaded from other alternative sources such as our own web, as you can do so at the bottom of this tutorial.


Is GBWhatsApp legal?

GBWhatsApp isn’t legal, just like the rest of the WhatsApp MODs of the likes of YOWhatsApp or WhatsApp Plus. These modded versions are developed upon the original app’s source code without its owners’ permission, as they haven’t disclosed it freely to allow third parties to develop apps using it. Therefore, we’re talking about an intellectual property violation, although it doesn’t look like there are any profit-making intentions behind the development of these apps.


GBWhatsApp or YOWhatsApp: comparison and differences

Both GBWhatsApp and YOWhatsApp offer us almost exactly the same options as there are hardly any differences between them. If we compare them, we’ll see how they have quite a few aspects in common:


Opinions about GBWhatsApp: pros and cons

The opinions about using a MOD of the likes of GBWhatsApp are very unalike depending on who we ask: some people prefer to use the official WhatsApp Messenger and not put their communications at stake in the hand of third parties, whilst others don’t mind risking their privacy in exchange of making the most of its great functions. Malavida’s editors have given their opinion about this issue, bearing in mind the MOD’s features:


Is GBWhatsApp safe?

We can approach the safety of GBWhatsApp from two different points of view: whether it’s safe in terms of preserving our user account on WhatsApp and whether it’s safe from the user’s privacy and possible malware infections point of view. In both cases, we can confirm that it’s safe, although we have to be cautious about certain issues as we’ll explain below.