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Gcalctool is a calculator created for GNOME desktop environments that allows users to complete all sorts of precise calculations. Download Gcalctool free

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If you need to carry out all kinds of maths calculations with precision from your PC, you can resort to Gcalctool. This calculator offers several functioning modes depending on our needs, each day with a larger amount of features.

The program's operational base can be adjusted to binary, octal, decimal or hexadecimal. You will be able to define the precision of the operations that you carry out.


  • Scientific calculator for GNOME environments.
  • 3 working modes: basic, financial and scientific.
  • Use parenthesis in the operations if you need arithmetic precedence: the operations take place from left to right.
  • Adjustable precision.
  • 10 memory registries.

Total precision for the calculation

No matter what operation you have to carry out, Gcalctool is the perfect tool for that purpose. Equip your Linux with this application: its interface is similar to that of traditional calculators, thus you won't have any great problems when it comes to using it if you're familiar with this type of program.

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