Gears is a tool by Google that increases the possibilities of our browser. Download Gears free and access to contents without any need to be connected

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The web 2.0 has clearly meant an important technological leap forward, as proved by the thousands of applications and web services offered by its features on the cloud. Nevertheless, with Gears you'll be able to use these applications offline, in other words, just like desktop programs.

Gears is a tool by Google that allows us to use online web services and platforms without an Internet connection. It takes care of downloading all the necessary resources of these applications so they can be used from the desktop.


  • Use web 2.0 application without an Internet connection.
  • Compatible with applications developed in Ajax.
  • Save the data locally on your PC.
  • Insert the software in Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox or Safari.
  • Compatible with Google Reader, Zoho Writer, Picasa, Google Docs, Myspace or WordPress.

Customized desktop clients

Doesn't the cloud application you usually use have a desktop client? Google Gears is also the solution to this problem. Work as usual and Gears will take care of synchronizing the changes once you have an Internet connection.

Download Gears for free and use your favorite web applications even without an Internet connection straight from your desktop.

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