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gedit is the official GNOME text editor and the best according to many users. Download gedit and you will be able to edit code or documents with guarantees

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The users of gedit say that it's the best free text editor for the GNOME desktop, it is actually considered this desktop environment's official editor. It is very useful to both edit documents and write programing code.

  Together with how flexible and easy to use it is, one of the most important aspects of this editor is the possibility to add plug-ins, that increase the application's features.

  The main features of gedit are:
- Remote file editing.
- Common options available: crop, copy, paste, undo/redo, search, replace, etc.
- Integration of useful programing features like automatic indentation, line numbers, configurable fonts and colors,...
- Selection of the appropriate programing language, that allows us to activate the appropriate syntax highlighting.
- Backups.
- Support for UTF-8, that allows us to correctly view the characters in any language.
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