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With Genius you can find out what the lyrics of your favorite songs mean. References, inside jokes or their context can be explained thanks to Genius

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Sometimes understanding the lyrics of a song isn't as easy as it seems. Despite how obvious or meaningless they may seem, they may possibly hide a message between the lines that we're missing. Discover the real meaning of any song thanks to Genius for iPhone.

Find out what's hidden behind the lyrics

Based on the Rap Genius website, the purpose of which is to explain the meaning of the very often cryptic rap rhymes, we can now find out what's hidden behind the lyrics of each song: their messages, who they're addressed to, the jokes and puns they contain... Everything you need to be able to understand, regardless of how confusing they may be, the lyrics of any song. Although this time around, with the Rap Genius app for iPhone they have gone even further than on the web, as this application covers more music styles, as well as including a music identification tool.

Reveal the message of any song, regardless of how cryptic it may be.


  • Shows the explanation and meaning of song lyrics.
  • Unveals cultural references and jokes within the lyrics.
  • Defines unusual terms contained in the lyrics.
  • Explains technical aspects of the songs.
  • Fits the songs within the context of the artist's other work.
  • Identifies songs and finds lyrics.
  • Integrates into your iTunes library.

Controversy that could have been avoided with Genius

A clear example of a hidden message can be found in N.I.B., a 1969 song by Black Sabbath that was controversial back then as it supposedly meant Nativity in Black and its lyrics told us in first person the story of Lucifer, Lord of Darkness. Years later, the lyricist Geezer Butler declared that all that was simply about the drummer Bill Ward's goatee at that time. Therefore, understanding the poetic skills and resources of your favorite music artists from the very beginning is the reason why it's worth downloading Genius for iPhone.

Requirements and additional information:
  • Requires iOS 7.0 or above.
  • Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.
  • This app has been optimized for iPhone 5.
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