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GeoGebra will allow you to complete mathematical calculations on your Linux free. Download GeoGebra and easily create geometrical function representations

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If mathematics are one of the most complicated subjects, they are even more so when we speak about algebra and geometry. That is why programs like GeoGebra, that help to clear ideas and perform calculations can be so useful for students.

Dynamic maths for learning and teaching.

GeoGebra is an application that will allow you to represent geometrical and algebraic functions in a very simple manner thanks to an interface that is more similar to that of a drawing program than to that of a maths application. Nevertheless, calculations of positions, angles and other data are calculated automatically.

Maths functions, algebra, geometry, calculus, statistics and whatever you need.

With GeoGebra it will be possible to recreate an endless amount of exercises that will range from school level all the way up to real university problems, because the software in itself doesn't lack any calculation or drawing possibility. It includes vectors, segments, rays, regular and irregular geometric figures,... Everything necessary to learn algebra, mathematics and geometry is included in the program.

Furthermore, if you need to you can input the calculations directly so that the program's engine represents them. Thus, we'll be able to know if our calculations coincide with those of the application.

Requirements and additional information:
  • Only compatible with systems based on Ubuntu/Debian.
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