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In GeoGuessr you will have to prove your geography knowledge and power of deduction. Find out your location and place it on the map with GeoGuessr

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People who are keen on geography enjoy playing games that put their knowledge in this field to the test. GeoGuessr is one of those games in which deduction also plays an important role.

Travel around the world with Street View and guess where you are

GeoGuessr makes use of the Street View tool that Google has implemented on its maps to show us a random location. We can move around and explore as much as we want to finally place it on the map. The closer we get to the real location, the more points we will obtain. Although we can play as many times as we want, the game consists in five rounds that will provide us with a final score. The latter can then be shared on social networks or by means of a URL. One of the game's incentives is that, at the end of each game, you can send a link to whoever you want to challenge him/her to play with your same five locations.

Are you capable of knowing where you are if you were to suddenly appear anywhere in the world?


  • Geography game that makes use of Google's Street View.
  • Possibility to return to the initial location, even if we have moved.
  • Five rounds in each game during which we can increase our score.
  • Scores can be shared on social networks.
  • Possibility to challenge other people.

Not only will you have to put your geography knowledge to the test

At the beginning, GeoGuessr doesn't seem to be a big deal, but the truth is that it is one of those games that get you hooked. And the fact is that we will soon realize how entertaining it is to try to guess the location of the images through the details we get to see, such as the vegetation, signs, cars, etc.

Don't hesitate about playing GeoGuessr for free and prove how good you are at geography.

Requirements and additional information:
  • Although you should be able to play on any browser, the developer recommends to do so on Google Chrome.
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