Geometer is a tool to perform geometric calculations. Practice in this maths field and power up your knowledge once you download Geometer for free

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One of the most important branches of mathematics is geometry, thanks to which we will be able to calculate, by means of various formulas, the value of all kinds of surfaces and volumes, so as to be able to understand space in an objective way.

Carry out geometrical calculations on your PC

Geometer is a very simple free application that will offer us the chance to be able to calculate the surface, as well as the angles, of any geometric shape by inputting certain data. As well as all the latter, it will be able to solve volume problems for all kinds of shapes.

The program has a very simple interface from which we will be able to choose all kinds of problems to be able to solve and from which we will have access to various utilities, like the Windows calculator or an angle converter.

Furthermore, the application will allow you to show the numbers in decimal form or as degrees-minutes-seconds. If you're looking for a tool that will help you with all kinds of geometric calculations, try out Geometer, a simple and totally free tool.

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Antony Peel
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