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Where are your loved ones? Are your children okay? Have they arrived home safely? With the GeoZilla application we can always locate them on the map

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We have all felt the anxiety of not knowing where a loved one is. Not knowing if they are safe or if they have had an accident while traveling. By downloading the APK file for this app and subscribing to the service, we can breathe easy and have the security of knowing where our loved ones are in real time.

Check the location of your family members in real time

GeoZilla is a mobile tracker via GPS, connecting all the family members together. This way, we can know where they are at all times and get their location on the map in real time.

Invasion of privacy, you say? To be able to locate a person or consult information, all the participants of the same group or family members will have to give their consent beforehand.

GPS cell phone tracker for your family on the map

But that's not all, since we can also set up notifications to let us know when a certain person enters or leaves the house or another usual place, such as their workplace. In addition, it maintains a history of locations, allows us to share images and videos, and includes a group chat for secure conversations.

On the other hand, it also automatically recognizes the activity we are doing (walking, driving, riding a bike...) and promotes safe conditions by detecting details such as speeding.

Requirements and additional information:
  • Minimum operating system requirements: Android 5.0.
  • Offers in-app purchases.
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