2008 If you are the owner of a gymnasium or sports center, Gesfitness is your application. Download Gesfitness and Control the activity of a sport business
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The management of a sports center or gym is relatively complex, dozens of people come and go throughout the day, with different timetables and several classes or activities to choose from. Furthermore, many times with a surcharge, or other special payments. We have the perfect solution to manage and organize all the things that have to do with a sports center, we are talking about Gesfitness.

Management software for gyms and sports centers

Gesfitness includes a thorough club members registry system for sports center in which we can include all the personal data, the activities they take part in, and even a photograph to identify them. It also includes the possibility to manage the payment of the club fees, be it by cash, credit or bank payment.

Logically, Gesfitness allows us to input the activities that take place in the gym, as well as generating reports related to them so that we can know what activities have greater member appeal, which ones generate more money, which ones are generating losses,...

To sum things up, Gesfitness Sports Center Management is a very intuitive application that is capable of improving productivity with regard to the management of any sports center or similar installation.

Requirements and additional information:
  • This application only works under Windows XP.
  • The trial version has limited functions.
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Antony Peel
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