GetRight is a complete download manager with which the task to download files will be easier and quicker. Download GetRight and share files over Internet

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The vast majority of Internet browsers include their own download manager, but the are usually rather simple and non reliable. To be a lot surer when it comes to downloading a file it is better to have an independent one that has the possibility to work together with the browser, like GetRight.

  This application will offer us greater speed and security when it comes to downloading files using Internet Explorer, Firefox and Opera. Thanks to it we'll be able to make sure that we don't loose any downloads due to a connection error or any browser crash, because it will allow us to continue the downloads and even to stop or pause them so as to follow later.

  But even better still, we'll only have to select an HTTP, HTPPS, FTP, FTTPS or, even, BitTorrent download in any of the aforementioned browsers, and GetRight will automatically start the download, in such a way that the user won't have to bother in the least. Furthermore, the application will save a download history so as to make it much easier to find any of the files that have been downloaded.

  Therefore, if you want an application that will allow you to download the files with greater speed and that will make sure that you won't lose any data, download and install GetRight.
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This is a trial version certain limitations.
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