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Ghemical is a program designed to be able to work with chemistry using Linux. Download Ghemical free and work at a molecular level without any problems

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Working with chemistry on a computer requires a software application that has been specifically developed for that purpose, and when it comes to working with a Linux operating system the best option available is beyond doubt Ghemical.

A perfect environment to work with chemistry

Ghemical is a program developed in C++ and that using OpenGL and GTK+ allows the possibility to work at a professional level with a chemistry lab offering all kinds of options to the user, among which it will be possible to find:

  • Study of the molecular system. Geometric optimization, molecular dynamics, conformational searching.
  • Various kinds of graphic representations. Ball-and-stick, Van der Waals, cylinders and wireframe.
  • Compute energy and gradient using the quantum mechanical methods or those of the molecular mechanics methods.
  • Calculation of the molecular weight.
  • Import and export the features offered by OpenBabel.

Therefore, if you are looking for an environment in which you will be able to easily work with molecular chemistry, you can download Ghemical free.

Requirements and additional information:
  • This download a selection of libraries.
  • Requires to work with a GNOME desktop environment.
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