0.5.0 Ghost is a blog publishing platform that helps authors to write as much as possible. Ghost incorporates a design that encourages any writer's productivity
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There are many content publishing platforms, some of which are rather extraordinary, that have been made available to users. But very few of them have focused their efforts on the tool's real aim, which is precisely publishing. Ghost appeared with this idea in mind, and for such purpose it offers a well-cared environment with all the utilities necessary to stop worrying about its internal functioning and focus on writing.

With Ghost, the author no longer has to worry about how to give format to his texts.

Ghost incorporates an interface that allows us to instantly view what the post's final aspect will be. The program has a split screen; you write on the left hand side, while on the right you can view the format that will be adopted when publishing, all the latter at the same time. For such purpose, it makes use of Markdown, a tool that provides plain text with an XHTML structure, achieving a more agile writing experience and greater productivity, as the blogger won't be distracted by anything other than his writing.


  • Platform to publish contents, focused on the author's productivity.
  • Possibility to give format to the text while writing thanks to Markdown.
  • Apply many different format styles.
  • Statistics shown in a brief and visually appealing manner.
  • Workspace customization system that allows you to drag & drop.
  • Possibility to use your own tracks and plug-ins.

The important thing in Ghost is writing

Ghost takes the author's productivity very seriously and for that reason it presents a design that hardly has anything to do with other publishing tools. All the statistics are presented very visually, so that you can absorb everything with just a glance. All the latter, together with the fact that, just like when we work on our desktop, users can place the tools in the place of their preference, Ghost's panel maximizes customization, allowing us to place the widgets wherever we want with the drag & drop method.

Download Ghost and try out the tool that has become one of the best utilities available for content publishing.

Requirements and additional information:
  • Requires a ZIP compatible compressor.
  • Requires Node.js version 0.10.20.
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