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Ghosts of War is a first-person shooter game set in the Second World War that allows us to play in teams in a range of settings where the battle rages

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The Second World War was the setting for some of the most epic combats in military history and many of them can be relived in a game like Ghosts of War. It is a first-person shooter that brings together players from around the world and that offers high-quality graphic design in order to give the action realistic surroundings.

Take part in the most realistic combats from WW2

We will be able to take part in different battles as part of a team and play with our teammates in collaborative mode. We will have to wipe out our enemies, who could come out of any hiding place by taking advantage of the ruins caused by the bombing or who will attack from their fortifications. Also beware of taking fire from tanks, planes, and ships.

These are the main features and functions to be found in GOW:

  • 3 unique maps based on real settings where the conflict was fought, such as the beaches of Normandy or the Pacific.
  • Soldiers in the uniforms of their respective countries: the US, the Soviet Union, Japan, Germany, and the UK.
  • Collect game cards and swap them with other players.
  • Develop and upgrade your weapons.
  • Get the battle-pass by completing the tasks involved in the missions you are assigned.
  • Level up and unlock weapons, camouflage, and all kinds of equipment.
  • Play in a team alongside other players.
Requirements and additional information:
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Sean Mitchell
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