1.2.1 GIFeq optimizes all of your images in GIF format. Download GIFeq free and obtaine improved images from any GIF file configuring the options it includes
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There are many tools to edit and process images, but in reality, hardly any of these applications are specifically designed with image files that are in GIF format. To edit this kind of file, you can use GIFeq.

GIFeq is a brilliant application that easily allows us to modify any GIF image, applying different methods to obtain an optimized final image, with the best quality/size ratio. This, we will be able to transform the GIF images so that they occupy the minimum amount of space maintaining the maximum quality, and as a result launch quickly on a website, for example.

Main features

  • Optimizing GIF images by means of different methods.
  • Election of a customized color palette.
  • Use of masks to filter files.
  • Convert from AVI to GIF, by extracting stills.

Easily optimize your GIF images with the help of GIFeq.

Requirements and additional information:
  • This application requires that you copy to the installation folder the following application: msvbvm50.dll.
Antony Peel
Antony Peel
Wildfire Software Design
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