Gigaget es an effective download manager that also manages to accelerate things considerably. Get Gigaget free and check out how it improves your downloads

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There are many files on the web that may end up being rather complicated to download, to simplify things and improve the download speed we can use a download manager or accelerator that will help us with this procedure. Gigaget is a practical application that will help us to manage our downloads in an efficient and easy manner, because it's an intuitive application.

  It integrates perfectly with both Internet Explorer and Firefox, it enables us to stop and resume downloads, it can be integrated into our antivirus (to analyze the files directly when they are downloaded) and it automatically reads links from the clipboard.

  Thanks to its integrated intelligent disk cache system, the application will help us keep our hard drive protected and extend its lifespan.

  The application is compatible with the majority of streaming protocols (MMS/RTSP/Flash), allowing us to download embedded videos from sites like YouTube.

  If you want an application that will help you manage and speed up your downloads, try out Gigaget.
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