GigaTribe is a P2P program to share files only with your friends, that includes as well as innovating services. Download GigaTribe free on your computer

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GigaTribe is one of the most interesting P2P programs that you can find. As well as a really well kept and usable interface, has an amount of services that is very big in what regards to the this kind of programs. One of the most interesting is, without doubt, the one that allows to write a blog from the platform itself.

  The downloads are a very important part for GigaTribe, but the program has been developed so that you only share files with your friends. Once you invite your friends to use GigaTribe, that program will gain in utility, because it will become a real center for conversation and file exchange.

  The advantage that it has only to share files with your friends is that you make sure that the quality is high, it will be more difficult to find fakes and virus in them because in the end you have only shared them with people in which you trust.

  The ease with which GigaTribe is configured and the fact that everybody that you connect to or that connects to your is somebody that you know make this software application a very good program to share files, photographs, images or nearly anything.
Requirements and additional information:
This download requires that you register free of charge after installing it.
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