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Write texts without losing sight of the structure of the entire document by using Gingko, an innovating and totally free text processor on the cloud

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Gingko is an innovating online text processor in which you can pay attention to the content and the structure at the same time. As you know, it isn't always easy to work on both things simultaneously.

The perfect union between content and structure

When it comes to writing a text, choosing the right words is as important as knowing how to structure all the information to present it in a neat and tidy manner. Gingko allows you to work on both aspects without ever losing your perspective.

The main features of Gingko

  • Use hotkeys to speed up your writing.
  • Ideal for collaborative or group work.
  • Lightweight and fast when it comes to loading documents, browsing around the structure...
  • Includes an integrated search engine.
  • Video tutorials to become familiar with the application.

Gingko is perfect for literature writers and any other person or professional that needs to write texts without losing sight of his/her entire work, paying attention to both the content and the structure of the latter. Access Gingko totally free of charge.

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