GinoPlayer is a simple player capable of searching for music over the Internet and downloading it free. Enjoy your favorite music, download GinoPlayer free

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When it comes to audio players, there's nothing new under the sun. Or is there? GinoPlayer allows you to play music despite not having it stored on your computer. Use its search engine to type in your favorite artists, search for their songs over the Internet and play them directly via GinoPlayer. The music that you want to listen to will be yours in a matter of seconds.

GinoPlayer is an audio player with simple controls, that have very interesting features at the same time. Under its basic aspect, you'll find a neat application that will allow you to search for your favorite songs over the Internet to start to listening to them directly from the player or, if you prefer so, to download and store them on your PC.


  • Find more than 40 million MP3 files on the Internet.
  • Listen to your music via streaming or download it to your computer.
  • Mark the songs that you like most, so as to have them located at all times.
  • 2 lists: results of the search and favorite music.
  • Continuous or random playback...

And how does it work?

At the top of the interface, there is a search box. Type in the name of your favorite artists and songs and press the magnifying glass icon for GinoPlayer to search over the net in search of them. In a few seconds, you will have a full list in the interface with all the results.

Together with each result, you will see three icons: on the left, there is a playback button, while on the right there are two additional buttons; a star to mark as favorite and a green arrow to download the files. From the right of the interface, you will be able to alternate between the results and favorites views, choose continuous or random playback or move on to other results of your search that you still haven't checked.

The player is located in the bottom half, it has a single button to play or pause your songs and it is presented in the shape of a horizontal toolbar, so that you will be able to move backward and forwards in the playback with a single click of the mouse or by dragging the position cursor.

Search for, listen and download music in MP3 totally free

Downloading GinoPlayer is very simple. Since your press the button that corresponds to each song a new window will open, in which you will have to establish the folder in which you want to store it. From GinoPlayer you will be able to see the percentage of the download that has been completed.

Listen to your favorite music without downloading it to your computer, directly from the Internet by downloading GinoPlayer for free.

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