Giphy GIF Maker Online

Create GIFs based on your favorite videos with an easy-to-use online tool. Thanks to Giphy GIF Maker you can surprise your friends with your creations

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Looking for a tool to create the best GIFs? Don't look any further because none are going to beat Giphy GIF Maker, at least in terms of easiness, as you only need a few minutes to get hold of the animated GIF of your choice.

Steps to follow to create GIFs

  • Choose a video on YouTube or stored on your computer.
  • Select the frame at which the GIF will start.
  • Choose the length of the sequence.
  • Add a caption to the GIF, choosing the font, color and position.
  • Possibility to add important tags.
  • Press the Create GIF button and enjoy your creation.

At that precise moment you'll be redirected to a URL with your GIF which you can share with your friends to have a good laugh.

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