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Jump into the epic battle of Gladiator Heroes Clash, an awesome fighting and resource management application game where we will train our gladiators

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Warrior, get your best strategy ready, and lead your own gladiatorial village. Manage the resources of your village, train your gladiators, and lead them into battle to bring them glory.

Heroes, warriors, and Roman gods will defeat the enemy and conquer the world.

Strategy and battles, all in one

Genera Games studio takes us back to Roman times when gladiators were the main entertainment for a population that needed its ration of bread and games. The story of Gladiator Heroes Clash begins with Leonidas fighting in a Roman circus. After his stunning fight, the Emperor decides to grant him some land.

Our job in this game is divided into two very different parts. First, we will have to manage our village, as well as administer resources, construct new buildings, and recruit new gladiators (and we will even be able to customize them). In this way, we will have to create temples, healthcare centers, houses, armories, among other constructions, and improve them as we level up.

This is the final battle between gods and heroes.

But this is not just a mere resource management and strategy game, we will also have to fight with our gladiators in the different combat arenas. Although we can set automatic combat mode on, the funniest and exciting aspect of the game is to control our gladiators and choose the skill we want to perform. Moreover, if the battle becomes too long, we can also increase its speed.

Without a doubt, this is a complete game with great gameplay. It offers us lots of different possibilities and customization options, the game is interesting, original, and entertaining. Also, its detailed three-dimensional graphics are well-designed, inviting us to engage in this journey through time from our mobile devices.

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Manuel Sánchez
Manuel Sánchez
Genera Games
3 months ago
212 MB

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